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Eating healthier just got easier. We infuse the freshest and finest ingredients into our 100% mushroom and veggie burger patty to ensure a healthy diet. We didn’t sacrifice taste for health - we found the perfect balance in our recipe to cater to both.

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cruz burgers™

We're currently shipping online direct to your doorstep. If you're in the local metro Detroit area, you can find us in various locations around town. From selling at markets to placing our patties in restaurants, we're working quickly to make sure you can enjoy our deliciously convenient gourmet plant-based patties.

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There is power in flexibility. Our mission is to give customers an opportunity to be flexible with healthier food choices without sacrificing taste, nutrition, or convenience.

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As we build and grow, we invite you to join us on the journey. We want to learn more about you and how we at Cruz Burgers can help impact the world together. We're rooted in relationships. And, the Cruz Burger greeters are ready to show you around.


how to eat

cruz burgers™

It's always easier to prep a delicious dish with guidance. We're making it easier for you to enjoy these deliciously convenient gourmet mushroom patties by sharing some of our favorite recipes. We welcome you to let us know how you're prepping our patties too. We'd love to share with others.

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