Made from Mushrooms

Old School
Veggie Burger 
New School Flavor

No soy or GMOs
Fresh Ingredients

Meat of Plants



We're an Old School Veggie Burger, New School Flavor! The Cruz Burger cuts like a real burger, bites like a real burger, but tastes like a veggie burger. We are not looking to produce faux meat or products that are too fragile to cut and eat like most veggie meals in the marketplace. We’re here to meat you (all pun intended) in the middle with mushrooms.

Our locations

where to find

cruz burgers™

We ship nationwide. But, if you're in Michigan, you can find us in various locations across the state. From selling at farmer's markets to grocery stores, we're working quickly to make sure you can enjoy our deliciously convenient gourmet plant-based patties anywhere.

our story

Health is a

Founded in the midst of a global pandemic, the English word for Cruz translates to “Cross”. We are a cross burger, a place where people can cross paths – vegans, vegetarians, meat lovers alike, can sit at the same table and enjoy the same meal. We believe healthy eating is a journey.

how to partner

Tell us more
about you

As we build and grow, we invite you to join us on the journey. We want to learn more about you and how we at Cruz Burgers can help impact the world together. We're rooted in relationships. And, the Cruz Burger greeters are ready to show you around.


how to eat

cruz burgers™

It's always easier to prep a delicious dish with guidance. We're making it easier for you to enjoy these deliciously convenient gourmet mushroom patties by sharing some of our favorite recipes. We welcome you to let us know how you're prepping our patties too. We'd love to share with others.


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