Cruz Burgers – Family Pack

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16 (4) oz delicious convenient plant-based gourmet mushroom burger patties.


Water, mushrooms, onion, textured vegetable protein (pea protein), chia seeds, vegan butter, smoked paprika, BBQ sauce, nutritional yeast, BBQ seasoning/rub, olive oil, seasoned vegetable base, bread crumbs, sugar, garlic, parsley, and methylcellulose (for firmness).

How to Prepare

Must store in the freezer until ready to cook. Cook directly from frozen pack. Do not thaw. Use a stove pan or skillet. Preheat at 400 degrees or medium high setting. Lightly brush or spray oil on both sides of patty. Suggested 3-5 minute cook time on each side or until middle of patty is cooked thoroughly. No additional seasoning needed. 

Keep frozen. Best used within 30 days.

What’s Included

Enjoy a digital cookbook with our favorite recipes and easy to cook dishes at home.

Additional information

Weight 64.0 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 cm

1 review for Cruz Burgers – Family Pack

  1. Vennessa Arthur

    If you have not had a Cruz Burger, consider yourself very unfortunate. Do yourself a favor, do your friends a favor, and do your family a favor by not only buying yourself Cruz Burgers, but everyone you love. It’s the best plant-based patty you will ever have!

    • W.E. Da’Cruz

      Thanks for your support! We appreciate it.

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